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Nada en Stephan (ook wel bekend onder Foritain), hebben de hulp ingeschakeld van Pim (pclinde), Herman (Kiswum) en Wesley (Frozen). Deze reviewers zijn voor velen geen onbekenden en door hun krachten te bundelen hopen ze nog meer verschillende reviews van een hoger niveau uit te kunnen brengen. Elke persoon heeft zijn eigen expertise en manier om producten te tonen. Door de verscheidenheid te benadrukken, zullen de productfoto's op dezelfde manier worden getoond, hieraan wordt niets veranderd. De individuele websites zullen op de den duur worden aangepast. Hierdoor zullen de sites van Pim (, Wesley (De officiële blog van Frozen) en Herman (, binnenkort worden omgevormd tot een eigen blog of nieuwssite.

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Xiaomi Redmi 2 review (English version) en

By Kiswum on donderdag 26 februari 2015 23:21 - Comments (3)
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Due to the large amount of pictures, it could take some time to load this review.

26-02-'15: First release of the review


Xiaomi was founded in June 2010 and released their first Miui ROM in August 2010. One year later, August 2011, they showed their first smartphone the Mi1 or Mi One. The phone was released with Android 2.3 and Miui V3. This phone received more than 3 years of software updates from Xiaomi. The latest update was released on 5 December 2014 and was based on Miui V5.
Xiaomi has managed to become one of the biggest brands in 2014. They have sold (almost) as many phones as Huawei and Lenovo (Motorola). These 3 Chinese brands are all aiming for the 3rd spot in the ranking, right behind Samsung and Apple.

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Unboxing Xiaomi Redmi 2 in English en

By Kiswum on donderdag 22 januari 2015 23:59 - Comments (14)
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Here is a small unboxing/review post about the brand new Xiaomi Redmi 2.

I have been wondering which phone would perform better, the Redmi 1s or the Redmi 2. Although the Snapdragon 410 has a 64bit cpu and is much newer, the Snapdragon 400 is running on a higher frequency.
I'm not able able to purchase a Xiaomi phone directly via their webshop, so I ordered one at I have purchased many other products at them and I know that they sell genuine Xiaomi products.

Here are the main differences of the Redmi, Redmi 1s and Redmi 2
SpecsRedmi 1
Redmi 1s
Redmi 2
ChipsetMediaTek MT6589TQualcomm MSM8228, Snapdragon 400Qualcomm MSM8916, Snapdragon 410
CPUQuad-core 1.5 GHzQuad-core 1,6 GHzQuad-core 1,2 GHz
GPUPowerVR SGX544Adreno 305Adreno 306
Camera8MP + 1,3MP8MP + 1,8MP8MP + 2MP
Size137 x 69 x 9,9 mm137 x 69 x 9,9 mm134 x 67,2 x 9,4 mm

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UMi C1 review (UK version) en

By Kiswum on zondag 21 september 2014 23:13 - Comments (8)
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Due to the large amount of pictures, it could take some time to load this review.

21-12'14: Added link for Dutch review and updated grammar
24-10'14: Changed some sentences
29-09'14: Updated Bluetooth, partly solved the issue
24-09'14: Updated grammar and sentences, with a lot of help from ADQ!!
21-09'14: Release of the review

UMi has released it's first smartphone in the summer of 2012. After the X1, they released a lot of different models. Here is the list of devices: X1, S1, X1s, X2, Cross C1 (Big Red Bull), X2s, X1Pro, X3, C1 mini and the Zero is released in Q4 2014. All phones are low-end to mid-range models (except for the UMi Zero).
The goal of UMi: We choose the best solution for a smart phone at affordable price so everyone is able to use our device. Our goal is making sure every customer enjoys our devices and its high value for the money..
You don't need to expect UMi to compete directly with the high end phones of Xiaomi, Samsung or Sony. They want to create phones with the best price in their range and software that is built for the customer. They aim to bring their phone worldwide and they have close connections with a lot of different webshops.

This review is based on the UMi C1 mini, UMi prefers to call this phone: 2014 QUAD CORE KILLER

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Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router review (UK version) en

By Kiswum on woensdag 14 mei 2014 08:00 - Comments (19)
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12-06'14: Uploaded a new view of the review
Added new logo's. Still need to test the Network speed.
15-05'14: Changed DD-WRT into Open WRT
14-05'14: IPv6 WAN is probably supported via WAN!
14-05'14: ADQ thank you for the corrections that you gave to me!
Changed some sentences and corrected some spelling mistakes

14-05'14: Released the initial version of this review, the review is still under construction. This is the first major release.
My story of networking benchmarks, screenshots from benchmarks, streaming information and pictures for the titles will be added this week or the week after.

This is part 1 of a bigger/full review. In the following days I will complete it with more information. All the changes will be reported in the changelog.
When everything is tested and the review is completed, then I will create a Dutch version. Meanwhile, enjoy this "preview" and you are welcome to request some tests.

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