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13-08-'13: Due to a "userfailure", was this site gone for 1 hour, I had to rewrite some of it.
I've also created a few extra links and made some non-important items grey.
13-08-'13: Placed the direct links to my 3 backplates.

This is a shop-review about the Chinese/International Due to the fact that it isn't a Dutch website, is it understandable that the web-shop is not visible at the Tweakers Shopreviews.
For international readers and, I will do my best make it understandable in English.

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Order date: April 16th
Date of delivery: April 27th

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The first time I've heard about this web-shop was in November/December 2012. I was searching for a Xiaomi, Oppo and Meizu phone. I noticed that this website had a lot of different brands and it gave the impression that it can ship the phones and accessories within a few days. Sometimes you will see on the website that the gadget you want to buy will be a pre-order. This way you are informed that it could take a while before it will be shipped.
Here on, you will see many comments about this web-shop if you search for it, here on GOT.


On the 16th of April I ordered 3 different backplates for my Xiaomi Mi2 phone. The backplates had a discount for roughly 20%, because they had a new partnership with the ROM-developers of the site: I had to pay ~€34,- for the total order and this was also a reason to choose for the free transport. As you can see at the part of the shipping methods, the order via Airmail is for free and can take 15-25 business days.

On the 27th of April I received a package in my (physical) mailbox. It only took 11 days to send this package from China to The Netherlands via Airmail. The package contained the 3 backplates and some extra free goodies, like a keycord and plug to protect your earphone port.
I've been using the backplates for a few months now and they still feel very good and don't have any cracks or other failures.


I did not needed the after-sales department for returning stuff, but I have contacted them before. I had complemented with the fast delivery and for the fact that they send out genuine parts of Xiaomi. I have been in contact with Celline a few times and I promised her that I would write a review for them.
English is not the native language for the staff, but they can express themselves in a very good way and they seem to be very enthusiastic. It is like you are talking to real people instead of a person who has a list of standard/non-personal answers. I am sure that they receive a lot of mails from all over the world, but they usually answer your mail within a day.

Reason you choose this website

In the past I had ordered a backplate at another partner, but these felt and looked fake. After a few months the backplate almost fell apart. I've heard good things about and they have proven to others, here on the forum, that they sell genuine Xiaomi hardware. The price is a bit higher than competitors, but there a big chance that you will receive the real deal.

Delivery time
Common reputation shop
Score of shop-reviews
On advise of someone else
Ordered before
Other reason(s): I think they are the official reseller of Xiaomi phones and accessories


Yes, I would recommend to family and friends: Yes, yes, yes I would recommend everyone to buy at this webshop if you need special Chinese gadgets!
No, I would not recommend to family and friends

(Y) The shop is allowed to contact me for questions

Extra information about shipping costs

These are the shipping methods: (this has been copied from the website on August 10th):

All orders at Ibuygou would be shipped free.(No tracking number provided if choosing Free Shipping Method. For orders above 30USD,we don't suggest the free shipping ,because each of you guys wants to make sure the order is traceable).
DHLIt takes 3-5 business days to get the parcel.
EMSIt takes 4-7 business days to get the parcel.
Registered AirmailIt takes around 10-20 business days to get the parcel usually. Brazil, Italy is an exception(around 23 business days to get the parcel).
Default free shippingStandard airmail: It takes around 15-25 business days to get the parcel usually.

Example of a tablet with the price of $99,- (~ €80,-) and has a weight of 1,5Kg.

Type of shippingTransportation notesShipping charge
DHLIt takes around 3-7 days to get the parcel after the order is shipped out.€ 22,62
FedExIt takes around 4-10 days to get parcel after the order is shipped out.€ 26,13
EMSIt takes around 9-25 days to get the parcel after the order is shipped out.€ 28,08
Registered AirmailIt takes around 15-30 business days to get the parcel (With tracking number)€ 18,72
AirmailIt takes around 20-40 business days to get the parcel(No tracking number),High valued items is not suggested for free shipping!!€ 0,00

On top of the shipping costs, you should keep in mind that there is a possibility that you have to pay taxes and extra fee to receive your package. Ibuygou will give you the option to send you the order as a gift and this could lower the taxes and extra fee.
Out of my own experience, I have ordered my Xiaomi mi2 phone in December 2012The package was shipped from Shenzhen City in China and it arrived 2 days after shipment in The Netherlands. The price of phone was €370 (from another source) and I had to pay €32,97 for the import duty and VAT at DHL.

Direct links to the products

Specular Highlight Glossy Back Cover Case Specially For Xiaomi M2 Smart Phone
Intelligent Stylish Dark Color Series Back Cover For Xiaomi Mi2 Smart Phone
Original Metallic Salsa Air Back Cover For Xiaomi M2 Smart Phone Five Colors
They all have objectnr. MIUI M2

Here you can see the old/fake plates after 2 months:

Difference between my old and new backplate (you can click on the image for a full size):

My new collection (you can click on the image for a full size):

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By Tweakers user Kiswum, Sunday 11 August 2013 23:44

Thanks analog_! I will notify them thru that link.

By Tweakers user Kiswum, Tuesday 13 August 2013 10:04

I was amazed that a Dutch/Belgian website like tweakers was mentioned as a example. I know that the writer of the contest has seen my review here on tweakers. I can imagine that this was one of the reasons why she put it there.
I already told Celline that I would like to participate, should I send her a box of chocolates or is that not allowed :p

By Tweakers user Amber1995, Wednesday 20 November 2013 19:25

Why can't I buy a phone from ibuygou? I have a paypal account but it gives me a failure message when I try to order the phone I want?
Can you help me with this ?

By Tweakers user Kiswum, Thursday 21 November 2013 20:01

Hi Amber,
Don't know what you could do, a lot can go wrong between the transactions.
The best thing you could do, is to contact Ibuyou, they respond quickly.

By Olga Lukyanova, Wednesday 16 April 2014 05:08

Ibuygou is a liar , i buy a phone there ,already passed 1 month, but they are still not shipping to me. later i asked my money through paypal, In the end i found a website low price to sall same product i buy there ,it is name is

By ans, Friday 11 July 2014 12:11

we ordered telephone including spare battery. telephone arrived. spare battery didnot.
we are still waiting for several months now. personal doesnot give sufficiant answers.
so i will not recoomend ibuygou to friends and family because they do not what they promiss

By Tweakers user Kiswum, Friday 11 July 2014 12:26

Hi Ans and Olga, you can try the chat functionality on the website.
What could also help you out is to post a message on their Facebook site with your issues:

1 time I also did not received an item from them. After a chat with 1 of their employees it was all worked out and they send the item again.

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