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By Kiswum on zaterdag 3 mei 2014 10:50 - Comments (3)
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13-05-'14: Added some pictures of the router.

I will post this in English, because the translation itself is in English as well.
This post is also a copy of my post at Miui.com :)

I have received the fantastic Xiaomi Miwifi router a few days ago from www.Ibuygou.com.
I was able to connect to the router, check some settings and configure some passwords.
I had 1 big problem, I had to guess what all the settings were.

So, I have created a translation of all the menus of the Router. This way I am able to see what all the settings really mean.
I also need to know what can be configured for the review I'm going to create in Dutch and offcourse English. I hope to publish it around the 25th of May.

I hope I can help more people with the translation/manual and that is the reason why I uploaded the file at en.miui.com.
(you can find the manual in my dropbox as well)

It is available for all of you in the PDF document you can find here.

(For better search results:
I've noticed that the router is called: Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi, Xiaomi Mi WiFI and Xiaomi MiWifi.)

On the 15th Xiaomi will surprise us with some news, on the same day I will show you part 1 of my review:

Volgende: Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router review (UK version) 05-'14 Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router review (UK version)
Volgende: Mobiele abonnementen Q2-2014 03-'14 Mobiele abonnementen Q2-2014


By Tweakers user Ryudo, zaterdag 3 mei 2014 13:15

Although I'm interested in the translation file, I'm not willing to create an account for the Miui forums. Could you provide a mirror that doesn't require registration?

By Tweakers user Kiswum, zaterdag 3 mei 2014 13:17

No problem, I will update my post at Miui and here as well.


Changed link due to Dropbox reset

[Comment edited on woensdag 7 mei 2014 16:54]

By Hakie, zaterdag 21 juni 2014 13:05


Knap dat jij dit heb kunnen doen...complimenten ervoor.

Ik heb de minifilm besteld, hoe kan ik deze per software wijzigen?

Graag jou hulp/advies gevraagd,

dank je

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